Brand & Butter

Customer Strategy & Experience Design

Brand & Butter is a Minneapolis discovery lab & design studio focused on finding small truths that unlock amazing ideas.


What we do

A deep and emotional understanding of your users drives successful digital products & service experiences. We build a greater understanding of the user as we pass through each phase of the human-centered design process. Understanding provides clarity and vision into breakthrough customer experiences.





Uncovering user needs, behaviors and lifestyle habits in order to maximize their web experience.


Laying the foundation for success through ideation, rapid prototyping and testing.


Developing clear and concise messaging aligned with the overall brand strategy.


Creating intelligent user interface designs that align with user needs, react to change, and are backed by metrics.

Marketing Campaigns

Building social media, email, pay-per-click and blog campaigns that improve website visibility.

E-commerce Strategy

Connecting customers to commerce through sound strategy

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